Setting Personal Boundaries To Build More Peaceful Life

Setting Personal Boundaries To Build More Peaceful Life

It is essential for us to protect our space, time, and energy from anything that can distract us uncomfortably. You need to set boundaries that set a limit between yourself and the others. Hence, the others know what you expect and vice versa. In addition, it is also necessary to set boundaries between for yourself as well. Personal boundaries are important because sometime we forget that we have limit as human but we expect ourselves too high. We end up crashing down and broken not because of other people but ourselves. 

How to set personal boundaries

You have your own values and priorities in your life that you need to honor. They are important for your life, hence the expectations. The problem is, sometimes the expectation keep rising without you realize it. Instead of taking you fly higher, it becomes too much for you to handle. Hence, it is necessary to set personal boundaries as a way to cut out some of the noises. You make your own decision in full conscience about everything regarding your life without feeling like you are selfish or being difficult. 

Setting physical boundaries

Setting your physical boundaries means you expect other people to respect your space in the matter of physical interaction. You might not like people being too touchy with you and that is okay to tell other people so. However, you can also set physical boundaries for yourself such as limit yourself from owning too much items in your closet, or limit yourself from exerting your body too much while working out. 

Setting mental boundaries

Your mental well-being can be invaded as well by negative thoughts, tough feelings, and everything that is too draining for you. Hence, it is important to create mental barrier for your emotional well-being. You can do it by limiting yourself from gossiping during break time at work if listening to so many drama of other people feel too much for you. Or, you can limit your screen time so you don’t have to read triggering comments or post from others. 

Setting time boundaries

You can also set boundaries to how you manage time. It is about giving limit to how you spend your time day by day. This can be tough and challenging because time is something valuable yet taken for granted most of the times. Setting time boundaries can be in a form of saying no when people ask you to hang out but you don’t want to. Or, you can set the boundary by stop taking too much work because busyness doesn’t mean increased productivity. 

Setting financial boundaries

This is also pretty challenging especially when you like spending money on something you see from the first sight. You can set financial boundaries by creating separate account that you must not touch unless for emergency. You can also create a budget for donations with the cause you want to support. If you are the type to hang out a lot, you can have fun with friends by doing free activities instead.