Minimalist Beauty Routine You Can Start

Minimalist Beauty Routine You Can Start

Maintaining your beauty requires persistence routine. Skin has the ability to protect itself. However, taking care of it is still a must if you want to stay healthy while looking youthful. Many people choose to use various skincare products in hope they can achieve a flawless, glowing skin. However, you don’t need 1 steps skincare routine to maintain your beauty. In fact, the simpler is the better. Even dermatologists always suggest to simplify our routine to maximize the result. Here are some tips to create a minimalist beauty routine:

Cleanse your skin regularly

Cleansing your skin from dirt, oil, sweat, make up and everything is necessary so that they won’t pile up on top of skin and cause problems such as acne or piled up dead skin cells. The key is to choose a product that is pH balance and non-stripping while still effective in removing all impurities from your skin. It is essential to have gentle cleanser that you can use when your skin is fine or when it breakouts. Also, make sure that you cleanse your skin not more than twice a day. 

Moisturize your skin properly

There are tons of moisturizer products out there you can choose that is suitable with your skin type and condition. You can choose creamy moisturizer for your dry skin. But if you have combination to oily skin, choose gel moisturizer. And if you have typically normal skin, choose any type of moisturizer you like. It is more practical and effective to choose a moisturizer that can be used both for day and night. Hence, you don’t have to use day cream or night cream anymore. Also, keep in mind that just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you can just skip moisturizer. Oily skin can be dehydrated as well so moisturizer is a must regardless of your skin type. 

Protect your skin

It is necessary to protect your skin especially from UV rays and other free radicals such as pollution. After wearing a moisturizer, make sure to apply sunscreen as a protection. There are so many sunscreen products out there you can choose. However, two major types of sunscreen are chemical and physical sunscreen. Both have plus and minus but you can always choose the one that is suitable with your skin condition. 

What about toner, serum, essence, mask?

You don’t really need toner, serum, or essence but you can add them to your skincare routine. However, make sure to choose one or two that you need the most as to not overwhelm your skin. For example, you can use one serum that is applied before applying moisturizer and after cleansing your skin. As for making or exfoliating, make sure to not overdo it. You can do it once to twice a week.

What about medication?

If you have skin problems, it is best to consult with a dermatologist so you know what kind of treatment that is right for you. Your dermatologist will diagnose and prescribe medication according to your skin problem.