A Happy Vegetarian Vacation in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Resorts: A Review

A Happy Vegetarian Vacation in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Resorts: A Review
Oriental Quinoa Salad. Image credit: Instagram/@nudibeachbarandrestaurant

When you’re traveling as a vegan or plant-based person, staying at resorts that can’t accommodate your dietary needs can be a real pain. While fresh fruits is great for breakfast, you don’t want your meal from breakkie to dinner to consist only plan fruits and salads. You want something just like everyone else—a hearty meal packed with healthy and balanced nutrients. Fortunately, many resorts, particularly in Bali are vegan-friendly. And one of them is our favourite, the Nusa Dua resorts in the south Bali. 

Happy Vegan & Vegetarian Stay at This Nusa Dua Resorts

The Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa serves delicious meals. I was excited to test their newly announced vegetarian menu. The Nudi poolside bar and restaurant, as well as The Pasar Market Deli and Cafe, are both available. There were options available at all times of the day throughout the resort. We were quite impressed with the meals, whether it was the enormous breakfast buffet or the tapas selection by the pool when we’re hungry. Pasar Market Café, named after the Indonesian phrase for local market, is inspired by the traditional selling and buying food hubs around which local life revolves. Their vegan menu is surely colorful, flavorful, and tasty!

Why You’ll Love the Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Lasagna
You cannot believe that this spinach & cheese lasagna is vegetarian

Remember what we’re saying about how vegetarian meals should not only consist of salads? You’ll be happy to find that this Benoa resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali, make sure that their plant-based meals are a joy to eat. Their vegetarian menu includes crunchy quinoa, zucchini, lemongrass, eggplant, and Kalamata olives, as well as tomato, mushroom, and a range of tasty vegetables. You have more than 30 choices of vegetarian items, divided into vegetarian sandwiches, wraps, salads, thin crust pizzas, and pasta meals. Surely, there is plenty of plant-based options to pick from!

Even the simple salads is incredible. Take a look at their zesty Oriental Quinoa Salad, made with organic quinoa, diced root vegetables, handpicked baby herbs, thinly sliced red onion sprinkled with orange sesame. The end product is a crunchy texture with salty, sweet, and sour flavors, as well as a trace of bitterness.

Craving for something warm and simple to be shared with kids, friends, or loved one? Try the pizza. The Italian chef Rafaelle delivers the delicious joys of his beloved home country to create a breakthrough in the plant-based culinary adventure. A Vegetarian Pasta and The Benoa Thin Crust Pizza Selection will tantalize your taste buds. You will also love the delectable Vegetarian Lasagna, offering a yummy cheesy and creamy flavors, as well as the health benefits of spinach.

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The Vegetarian Cooking Class

The Vegetarian Cooking Class
Cooking class with plant-based menu!

For everyone who want to try their hands on Balinese culinary, the resort offers cooking class with one of the local chefs. Usually it features the traditional soft crepes with coconut brown sugar filling and Balinese famous culinary item; the satay lilit made from fish. However, when you are vegan or vegetarian, the hotel will happily altered the menu to your plant-based diet! 

At this Nusa Dua resorts, vacationing with healthy options to delight in is a wonderful experience.

10 Scuba Dive Sites in Bali Every Divers Must Visit

Did you know that Bali is bordered by not one, but two seas, resulting in unparalleled marine biodiversity? With rich marine life and crystal clear water, this is certainly a formula for an unforgettable diving experience. This is might be famed for its magnificent resorts and world-class surf locations, but few of the thousands of people who visit each year are aware of what lurks under the waves. In reality, Bali is home to some of the world’s greatest dive sites. Divers may discover anything from uncommon macro creatures to interesting pelagic species all around the island. So, what’s to see from the wonderful underwater world of Bali? 

Top 7 Scuba Dive Sites in Mainland Bali

10 Scuba Dive Sites in Bali Every Divers Must Visit

The main island of Bali is blessed by not just one or two, but dozens of dive sites along the coastline. Here we have summarised seven must-see, remarkable dive sites nobody should miss. 

The Liberty Wreck Tulamben, World’s Easiest Wreck

Tulamben makes its name among one of the best dive sites in the world with its majestic sunken wreck. The USAT Liberty, previously American cargo war ship that served in 1942 during the World War II is now home to blooming hard and soft corals, bump-head parrot fish, jackfish, and many other aquatic creatures. It’s famous for being one of the most accessible wreck in the world! It’s highest point is only at 5 m deep while the deepest part lies at 30 m deep.  

Menjangan, Remotest Diving Spots in Bali

Located at the tip of the west end of Bali, Menjangan is one of the best dive sites and the most pristine in the island. Thanks to the remote location, this area is barely touched except for avid divers and remains very pure. It’s shallow water hides thriving marine ecosystem, offering vivid colours and stunning aquatic life. 

Pemuteran, Diving with Deities

Known for the underwater Buddha and statues of Hindu Gods and Goddess as well as temple gates, Pemuteran houses amazing artificial reefs for environmental conservation projects. The statues are covered in gorgonian and invites curious fishes that swim around the area. 

Amed, Best for Beginners

The seemingly quiet fisherman village offers charming wall diving and muck diving underneath its water. Diving in Amed is easy. There is very little current and great visibility. Just offshore, you’ll discover really vivid reefs. The abundance of colorful fish will give you the impression that you are swimming in an aquarium.

Candidasa, Best Bali Dive Sites for Shark Diving

If all the previous Bali diving sites are suitable for beginners, Candidasa is reserved for the advanced. Candidasa offers challenging adventures to deep walls, shark caves, currents, and impressive coral reefs. It also the best sites in the island to see black tip and white tip reef sharks!

Padang Bai, Pristine Little Island

This small and scenic island is one of the most important fishing village in Bali. The underwater offers spectacular reef diving full of macro life and frequently features big fishes. You can see reef sharks and sometimes the unique-looking wobbegong sharks here.

Menjangan, Site with Wonderful Corals

The dive sites here are bathed with sunshine and are full of little nooks, crannies, and overhangs. The sites are primarily covered with soft corals, sponges, and offer the most diving diversity of gorgonian fans in this island. Even while Menjangan Island does not have as much marine life, big pelagics, or hard drift dives as other diving spots in Bali, it is nevertheless a dependable spot for experiencing some of the greatest soft corals, gorgonians, and reef fishes. 

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Top 3 Scuba Dive Sites in Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida

Top 3 Scuba Dive Sites in Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida

The sister islands of Bali is blessed with diverse topography and marine life. They conveniently sprung in the best water of the island, resulting on some of the best places to dive near Bali

Manta Point Nusa Penida

Inarguably the best dive site in Bali to see Manta Ray. Thanks to its location, Nusa Penida receives huge streams from two oceans overridden with rich planktons. This water is an all-you-can-eat buffet for the Manta Ray, who happily come to feast on the planktons. 

Sekolah Dasar (SD)

Literally translated as an Elementary School, the SD spot offers a challenging drift dive. The currents are strong and unpredictable here, but the dive location gives the opportunity to observe huge pelagic species such as white-tip and black-tip sharks, tuna, barracuda, and giant trevally. Sometimes you can also spot the ocean sunfish, Mola-Mola during the right season here!

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Crystal Bay

In the coast of Nusa Penida water is Crystal Bay, a gorgeous little bay named after its crystal-clear waters. While the view itself is worth the trip, the underwater will make you forget life in the surface.  The sandy area of the bay offers mesmerising macro life with crabs, shrimps, nudibranch, and cuttlefish. It’s fringed by stunning coral reefs and you will find the reefs drops down along the islet, brimming with clownfish, parrotfish, tuna, scorpionfish, and many more. 

Staying in Canggu Villas: What to Do & Where to Go

Staying in Canggu Villas: What to Do & Where to Go
Image source: Instagram/ @adrian_halis

Just around ten years ago, Canggu was a quiet beach area in Bali with only few warungs and villas  popping up amidst vast rice terraces. Now, Canggu is one of Bali’s trendiest locations of this decade! This old fisherman’s town is a must-see for its vibrancy, creative types, surfers, digital nomads, and yogis. This neighborhood is quickly catching up to its busy neighbors Kuta and Seminyak. Canggu really caters to all types of travelers, including surfers, couples, backpackers, digital nomads, and others. The once fisherman village is rapidly growing as a full blown Bali hotspot.

For you who’ve been eyeing Canggu for your next Bali destination, here’s a glimpse of what’s life in Canggu and what can you expect from staying at this area. 

What to Do When You’re Staying at Canggu Villas

Villas are abundant in Canggu and you will be delighted with the sheer amount of options available in this area. From private luxury villa Canggu Bali with infinity pools and large backyards to charming shared house, the option is endless. But what about things that you can do in the villa once you settled in? Here are some fun ideas:

Take A Dip in the Pool

What to Do When You’re Staying at Canggu Villas
Image source: Instagram/ @balilife

Villa with pool is the signature of Bali living! Nothing beats from taking dips in the refreshing freshwater pool, surrounded by mini tropical garden with refreshing fruit juice ready by the pool side. Not all villa in Canggu has infinity pools, but a regular 2 x 6 pool is enough to satisfy you for days!

Embrace the Al-fresco Living of Canggu Villas

With a luxury villa stay, light and airy inside areas effortlessly stretch out to large private gardens. Outdoor lawns, infinity pools with hot tubs and day beds, dining salas, BBQ pits, couches, and lounge-style seating are all possibilities. The wide range of activities Just a few steps away from your own villa is an outdoor living zone with a changing ambience throughout the day and into the evening.

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Spend Time Alone 

What’s better thing to do in a vacation than spending time with yourself? You’ve worked hard to earn your vacation to Bali, so enjoy the relaxing Canggu vibe while you can! Your own private holiday villa is truly a home-away-from-home, and one of the most significant advantages is the ability to relax into your own comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

What to Do Around Canggu 

Visiting Canggu for the holiday can be real fun! You can enjoy a mix of activities—from surfing to restaurant hopping in this charming laidback town. 

Surf the Berawa & Batu Bolong Beach 

Surfing is the most popular pastime in Canggu. For decades, the town has been known as a “surfer’s paradise,” with waves suitable for everyone from novices to experts. Head to Berawa or Batu Bolong, where surfers are always on the lookout for nice waves.

Hop Around the Bars

What to Do Around Canggu
Image source: Instagram/ @windaaww

Canggu is lots with great cafés and pubs, so here are a few suggestions for things to do in Canggu at night. The most famous and one of the oldest beach bar in Canggu is Old Man, but you should definitely check out Deux Ex Machina, Backyards Canggu, the Finns, or COMO beach club.

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Expore Canggu’s Coolest Restaurants

This little beach town is brimming with restaurants serving various cuisine from all around the word! from authentic Indonesians to Mexican food, everything is just around the corner. The Taco Casa in  Batu Mejan, Tacos Aqui in Bumbak, and Lola Cantina Mexicana are town’s favourite. Nostimo is great for Greek food, and Just Kitchen can satify anyone’s crave for Georgian delicacies. Italian wood oven pizzaria are one of the staple food and can be found virtually anywhere. Also try Russian cuisine in Usha or Peruvian food in Warung Olas. 

Unwind in Balinese Spa

What a wonderful way to unwind and relax! Spa and massages in Bali are very affordable. For less than £10, you can have an hour of perfect happiness. There are several spas in Canggu to select from. Before you go, make sure to inquire for rates and examine how the place was set up. Some are more better on the inside than others, and you want to be able to fully rest.

Business Myth You Need to Know and Avoid

Myth is everywhere in almost every aspect of life including business. There are some myths about business that sometimes some business owners can’t help but fall for it. Starting and operating business means you need to use your logic and rely more. And it is easier said than done because what people say can be either trusted or misleading. Those who fall for business myths the most are beginner. It might be part of mistake that sometimes is inevitable but you can avoid them if you learn more about them.

Business Myth You Need to Know and Avoid

Type of business myths you should know

Here are the most common myths about business you should know and can actually avoid:

  • Competition in business is not something you can take lightly. You always need to be ahead of your competitors and present more unique ideas through your products or services. However, there is a myth that cheaper products are the best and always preferred by customers. Customers tend to like cheaper products of course. However, there are also those who care more about the quality rather than cheap price. Thus, reducing the price of your products and services is not always the best idea. Focusing more on the quality is what you need to do.
  • Another business myth is that customers are always right. It is true that customers should be treated as king. However, it is wrong to say that customers are always right. Sometimes, their judgment is clouded by their needs. Thus, you should know when to stand your ground in dealing with customers.
  • Business can be started by idea. It is not always a great one but maybe a simple idea. However, there is a myth about business that says great ideas means great business. It is not entirely true because if the great ideas cannot be commercialized then they cannot make money. Thus, there is no point of the ideas being great. An idea for business is supposed to be able to be commercialized to work.
  • Another myth about business is that customers will come to you. However, it only wastes your time to wait for customers to come to you. You need to come get your customers instead if you want to be ahead of your competitors. You need to let customers know why you are the best and what you can provide to them. Instead of waiting for them to come, let them know what you are best at and why you are different from your competitors.
  • Last but not least of business myth is that owning business allows you to have more free time. Starting a business is a hard work. You won’t be able to grow it unless you dedicate your time to do various tasks. Running your own business sounds cool and all but in reality, you need to sacrifice your ‘me time’ to handle many things to make sure that your business keeps floating. If you are not ready to dedicate your time, do not run your own business.

How to Plan a Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip with Friends

You have long heard about Komodo National Park for so long. You have spread the stories to your friends; pictures of vast body of blue water, savannah hills, scaly dragons, and the bright marine world—and successfully persuade them to go on a trip with you. Because happiness is only meant when shared and so does vacationing in Komodo. You cannot wait to sail the liveaboard Labuan Bajo with your bestie—sunbathing in the deck, exploring the exotic lands, roaming undisturbed beaches, and dive together under the blue sea. 

But we all know making plans with friends could be a bit of headache. Especially when you are the one who arrange everything. There will always be too much thing to handle and other dozens things to consider from different perspectives. Here, we want to help you arranging a liveaboard trip with friends in frontier Komodo that would bring happiness on everyone’s face. 

How to Plan a Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip with Friends

Set the Budget

Money would always be an important and sensitive issue. Better set the budget early on before setting any expectation. Ask your friends to be open about their budget; how much they are willing to pay. Make sure that the budget could cover accommodation, food, entertainment, and the cost of between travel. 

Decide Length of the Trip

The length of the trip would closely follow budget arrangement. Remember, the longer the trip is, the more expensive it would be. Also, consider the best travelling duration for your group. How much days is enjoyable? Is a 7 days trip too long? Would 3D2N trip be enough for everyone? 

Determine Destinations Candidate and Let Others Vote

It would need years to let your friends choose itineraries from dozens of destinations in Komodo. If you know your friends well, prepare several destination candidates that you think would suits the personalities most of your friends. Then, arrange a voting and choose destinations with most votes.

How to Plan a Liveaboard Labuan Bajo Trip with Friends

Browse Liveaboard Labuan Bajo to Suit Group Travel

Here’s the best thing of travelling with liveaboard Labuan Bajo. You only need to pay one price that would cover the accommodation, transportation, and meals for the whole Komodo trip. Look for liveaboard that suits the group’s budget.

Charter one boat and split the cost or join an open trip?

Depend on the budget and the member of the group, there’s two alternatives on booking the boat. First, you can take slots in open-trip liveaboard according to the amount of members on your groups. If you are only travelling with 3-4 people, this option would be the cheapest and most effective. The downside is, you cannot curate the itinerary.

The other alternative is chartering a Komodo yacht or the phinisi for a predetermined period of time. This option is definitely more expensive, but it’s more effective for large group that need a lot of space and privacy. Also, you can arrange the itinerary according to your group’s wish. 

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Follow Liveaboard Operators’ Itinerary

If none of you know the Komodo that well, probably you can consider to let the crew of Liveaboard Labuan Bajo arrange it for you. Give them your group’s detailed preferences and they would be happy to tailor an amazing, well-balanced trip for you!

Download Money-Sharing Apps

This is critical. Expenses on Komodo holiday would not only be the liveaboard and the planes to get there. You should also consider the cost of spending a night in hostels, meals, and entertainment costs in between the trip. Having a money sharing-apps would make it easier for your group to track and share expenses before and during the trip. It makes clear who owes whom and how much is owed—and everyone could “send the bill” without any hard feeling. 

Essential Things To Pack For Your Surf Camp Trip Idea

Packing the essential things for traveling is always challenging. No matter how smart you are making the packing lists and careful in preparing them, sometimes there are still the items you are missed. And if the next holiday you have been planned to go in a surf camp trip and the camp itself have been reserved before, I think that it is important to know which things and items that you will need to pack especially when it is the first time for you.

Essential things to pack for a surf camp trip

Packing for traveling is vary. Each travel ideas have their own things to bring to support the activities. So does when you are deciding to pack for a surf camp trip that is truly different. You will need to prioritise the items and things that will be supporting your surfing activities when you have been at the surf camp destination.

But for your information, I will exclude the surfboard itself out of the packing for a surf camp trip list because it should have been provided by the surf camp provider. And when it is not, you’d better finds another travel operator especially when you are from long distance city or even from different country. Surfboard is pretty much heavy and you surely won’t bringing it all the way to the destination, will you? But feel free if you have to do that, risks are yours as well.

Packing list for your surf camp trip

I need to repeat myself where I believe that the best surf camp in the world should have been provided their students with the professional surfboard as necessarily need. So do the other gears that will be needed for practicing surfing. So, I will exclude them all from the list.

It is not just about that a surf camp is offering the course for the surfing enthusiasts, but when it is comes to practicing the theory and techniques you have been heard in the “class” before, surely that surfing itself need the required tools and gears. And that’s what we are going to talk about here besides the surfboard as I have been mentioned before.

So, what’s the other essential things and items to pack for a surf camp trip when it will be the first time for you?

– Small first aid kits and medications

Your are in fit condition and you think that the surf camp destination you are going to is no different with where you are living now. So, you think that you will be fine and nothing can ruin your health condition.

In reality, traveling can be exhausts us especially when the distance is pretty much longer. Not to mention that a surf practices themselves are possible to make you being injured.

While the surf camp provider itself is possible have been provided many necessary first aid kits and medications, you’d better bringing them all together by yourself because you are the one who really know the condition of your health. What if you have a certain health condition that being not known by the others?

– Pack the sun protections when you are in a surf camp trip

A surf camp trip will mostly held at the beach to start the course or class. If you think that you will really need to getting to know the surf knowledge while enjoying the hot sun, that will be great if your skin will be the sunburn-proof ones when it is not.

Pack your sunglasses and cap, the waterproof sunscreens as well since you will be practicing surfing after the hot sun in hearing session. You will also need the after sun lotion to protect your skin.

– You will need the footwear so much

Shoes are important and so do the socks that you will keep on packing them to bring in your surf camp trip. Beside those, flip flop will also never been this important and urgent since being at the beach is always better to wear the flip flop. The sturdy shoes itself will be needed when it comes to explore the beach surroundings, but you’d better researches about it first.

– Light and thin clothes for the day and the thick ones for the night

When it will be hot in a day while the surf camp accommodation itself is mostly will be at the beach, you will need to avoid being disturbed by the hit sun with the light and thin clothes as well as the light short pants.

In the night, beach can be cold and windy, so you’d better pack for the thick clothes as well. Think about bringing the boardshorts as well, you will really needs it to feel comfort and pretty much popular style at the beach.

All of the above essentials things to pack for a surf camp are actually general. They are far different with the surfboards, fins and the wetsuits that are truly important to bring. But I keep on not suggesting them ever since the surf camp operator mostly will have been provided you with those. That’s why choosing the best or better surf camp itself is also vital for your trip.

Checking In with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

One of the best summer dream is a best kept secret which sits deep in Indonesian frontier, South East Asia. It’s the Komodo National Park, a lost world where the prehistoric Komodo dragons roams free on wild savannah lands, where the beaches are white and empty, and where the indigenous folks still go to megalithic sites to pray to their ancestors. Venturing to this forgotten piece of heaven is best done with luxury liveaboard Komodo, given to the archipelagic landscape. This remote paradise may have everything to stun you breathless, but it lack of holiday facilities that you’d commonly enjoy in holiday destinations. 

Checking In with Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

The Komodo National Park has more than fifty liveaboard boats of all types and classes lean o the dock of Labuan Bajo, it’s port town. Above all liveaboard, luxury liveaboard would make an obviously best choice. Luxury liveaboard may come with a price tag, but it compensate the lack of facilities and comfort in a way that exceeds your expectation. These luxury liners are proud of delivering superior services, guarding experienced staffs, offering grandiose living spaces and magnificent cruise, and equipped diving facilities. 

A Leisure Sailing in Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

The Komodo might be wild and raw, but your liveaboard wouldn’t. Prepare to be pampered like a royals, cause the staffs would constantly be around to listen to your needs. The luxury liveaboard Komodo would take you around the national park, dock to awesome destinations, and guide you to the adventures. It would wait nearby as you walk with the dragons, sunbathe in the empty beaches, or plunging under the brilliant water. And after you’ve done with all the explorations, the ship would warmly welcomes you back in their pampering facilities. 

Life in luxury liveaboard Komodo should not be rushed. The majority of ships on this class take conduct on leisure living; delivering the closest meaning of taking a break from life. You could mistook their standard cabins as a five-star hotel room—complete with the oceanfront view. They provides both indoor and outdoor massage area for spa, where you could relax and enjoying the deep tissue massage while savouring Komodo’s view. Anytime when you are not busy exploring the islands, you could soak up in their jacuzzi—or the hot bath tub, if there’s any—or simply lie down in the sun decks, sipping on the boat’s tropical drinks, and enjoying the time while the boat is sailing to your next destination.