A Happy Vegetarian Vacation in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Resorts: A Review

A Happy Vegetarian Vacation in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Resorts: A Review
Oriental Quinoa Salad. Image credit: Instagram/@nudibeachbarandrestaurant

When you’re traveling as a vegan or plant-based person, staying at resorts that can’t accommodate your dietary needs can be a real pain. While fresh fruits is great for breakfast, you don’t want your meal from breakkie to dinner to consist only plan fruits and salads. You want something just like everyone else—a hearty meal packed with healthy and balanced nutrients. Fortunately, many resorts, particularly in Bali are vegan-friendly. And one of them is our favourite, the Nusa Dua resorts in the south Bali. 

Happy Vegan & Vegetarian Stay at This Nusa Dua Resorts

The Holiday Inn Resort Bali Benoa serves delicious meals. I was excited to test their newly announced vegetarian menu. The Nudi poolside bar and restaurant, as well as The Pasar Market Deli and Cafe, are both available. There were options available at all times of the day throughout the resort. We were quite impressed with the meals, whether it was the enormous breakfast buffet or the tapas selection by the pool when we’re hungry. Pasar Market Café, named after the Indonesian phrase for local market, is inspired by the traditional selling and buying food hubs around which local life revolves. Their vegan menu is surely colorful, flavorful, and tasty!

Why You’ll Love the Vegetarian Menu

Vegetarian Lasagna
You cannot believe that this spinach & cheese lasagna is vegetarian

Remember what we’re saying about how vegetarian meals should not only consist of salads? You’ll be happy to find that this Benoa resorts in Nusa Dua, Bali, make sure that their plant-based meals are a joy to eat. Their vegetarian menu includes crunchy quinoa, zucchini, lemongrass, eggplant, and Kalamata olives, as well as tomato, mushroom, and a range of tasty vegetables. You have more than 30 choices of vegetarian items, divided into vegetarian sandwiches, wraps, salads, thin crust pizzas, and pasta meals. Surely, there is plenty of plant-based options to pick from!

Even the simple salads is incredible. Take a look at their zesty Oriental Quinoa Salad, made with organic quinoa, diced root vegetables, handpicked baby herbs, thinly sliced red onion sprinkled with orange sesame. The end product is a crunchy texture with salty, sweet, and sour flavors, as well as a trace of bitterness.

Craving for something warm and simple to be shared with kids, friends, or loved one? Try the pizza. The Italian chef Rafaelle delivers the delicious joys of his beloved home country to create a breakthrough in the plant-based culinary adventure. A Vegetarian Pasta and The Benoa Thin Crust Pizza Selection will tantalize your taste buds. You will also love the delectable Vegetarian Lasagna, offering a yummy cheesy and creamy flavors, as well as the health benefits of spinach.

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The Vegetarian Cooking Class

The Vegetarian Cooking Class
Cooking class with plant-based menu!

For everyone who want to try their hands on Balinese culinary, the resort offers cooking class with one of the local chefs. Usually it features the traditional soft crepes with coconut brown sugar filling and Balinese famous culinary item; the satay lilit made from fish. However, when you are vegan or vegetarian, the hotel will happily altered the menu to your plant-based diet! 

At this Nusa Dua resorts, vacationing with healthy options to delight in is a wonderful experience.