5 Strategy for Bali Villas Owner to Rise Up Post-Pandemic

5 Strategy for Bali Villas Owner to Rise Up Post-Pandemic

If there’s one thing we learned in 2020, it’s that everything can change in an instant, so having a backup plan and the flexibility to adjust the flow of advertising money at will is critical. With today’s market conditions, it’s vital to analyse any digital marketing campaigns on a weekly basis to ensure you’re achieving the ROI you expect and to spot any possible issues or decreases before they become costly. With low to no income at all during the pandemic years, many owners of Bali villas have given up their property. Some sold the property, some let it empty for two years, while others let their kids—or family—rent it for free. But a lot of villas are still surviving, despite receiving less than 20 bookings a year.

The year 2022 promises to be an interesting one for the travel industry as a whole. With the introduction of vaccines, improved sanitation processes, and a market that has been held back for the greater part of a year, it appears that the industry will be expanding more and more as the year passes. Staying on top of what will undoubtedly be continuously shifting trends and modifying your marketing strategy in real time to meet those changes will be critical.

The Return of Travellers

People are flying to quench their travel fever after a year of living through a global epidemic as life returns to normal and an increasing fraction of the population is inoculated. With the return to normalcy comes a surge in travel demand, making the remainder of 2022 a fiercely competitive year for vacation rentals and lodging.

Tight Competition Among Surviving Holiday Villas in Bali

In 2020, the travel industry took a huge hit as the epidemic caused travel restrictions. However, as we begin to return to normalcy, the demand for travel has increased dramatically. With growing demand comes increased competition as competing hotel businesses compete for the attention and money of the customers. This means that every Bali vacation rental or accommodation business must retain a competitive pricing and product advantage. As more rivals enter the market, advertising prices rise in tandem with growing demand. Keep this in mind while planning your annual marketing budget, especially if you manage a luxury villa in Bali.

Be Transparent to Your Potential Guests

Many potential clients have been saving for a vacation for over a year, so they want to know exactly what they’re getting into. There will be no surprises (unless it’s a complimentary bottle of champagne or an unexpected room upgrade). Transparency is extremely important to customers this year. Tell your potential guests exactly what amenities are offered, don’t try to hide any booking fees, and let them know if any amenities or features are unavailable before they book.

Your potential guests want to see realistic lodging options, not an offer that is too good to be true. Use high-quality, realistic photographs of the home, apartment, or room. Make sure the photos are up to date and show the complete property, hotel, or resort. Long narratives should be avoided when drafting property descriptions. Make a quick introduction, then use bullet points to highlight key ideas.

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Showcase the Update on Health Protocol

Showcase the Update on Health Protocol

Update all pandemic-related protocols and methods you’ve adopted on your website, listings, and any on-site materials like your welcome guide or check-in agreement. This information should contain your area’s and property’s norms and regulations, as well as any further steps you’re taking, such as extra cleaning and offered supplies. Understand that guests want to feel safe and protected during their stay in your Bali private villas.

Get Ready to Tweak Your Bali Villas for A Bit

During and post the pandemic, flexibility is key. And as an owner, you have to be ready to tweak your Bali villas a bit to adjust it with the need of current travelers. You’ll need to transform your services from global to local, which means you’ll be able to create new applications for your vacation rental based on market need. Transform one room into an office to attract remote workers, for example. With the work from home setting since the beginning of the pandemic, the market for remote workers are big! They are always on the lookout for new spots to relocate to, and many urban workers coming from the capital Jakarta and other big cities to Bali for a change of scene. They might look for Bali pool villa where they can swim between the works—something they cannot do back in their respective cities.

By including activities in your rental description, guests will understand why your location is unique. Add some homey elements to your areas as well, because guests will be travelling with their bubbles and close family members.

Another crucial point to remember is to adjust and have flexible cancellation or change procedures. A flexible booking is one of the top priorities for younger consumers during these times. They want holiday villas in Bali that allow them to change the booking dates in case they get the virus.

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Make Mobile Booking Easier

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to make purchases and plan travel, especially through apps. You’re in luck if you already have a trip booking app system in place: conversion rates for bookings made using a travel app are five times greater than ordinary mobile discussions. Even if your potential clients don’t book on mobile or through an app, 70% of people study travel on their phones before making a reservation. So make sure to incorporate this technology to your vacation rental strategy.